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About Company

The business is a private limited company, which has corporate by two shareholders under the commercial laws of Ethiopia in 2021 G.C .the company leads by Nebiat Kagnew and he has a good experience in construction and trade, especially a very creative, highly entrepreneur-minded man who is positive working behaviour and by having a good communication skill, a good management ability, and quality a good experience and knowledge at every business circumstances And the company also developed or established 2000,000 .00  (two million’s ) in establishment capital after getting to works know the company highly working relations with a huge company in Ethiopia and provides good service at all levels and expanded other branches in the Oromia region at Adama city to reaching them for customers by having this four/4/ working firm like Construction material importer and supplier, real state developing and consultancy works, industry park development and consultancy works, our Building contractor works and 5, our security and cleaning services and the company also created working opportunities for the minimum of 8 people for permanent and 25 person daily workers for the future our company has the plan to create for 2000 peoples working opportunities.   


Dedicated to providing outstanding customer service by offering quality services and becoming market leaders in the sector. We will all strive to increase our productivity, sales, and profitability through teamwork, commitment, and dedication minimizing our customer work delay


We are committed to applying to innovate and integrated management systems that enable us to see the most efficient, effective, and economically sound businesses, that utilize resources to the fullest and waste nothing constantly stay in step in dealing with change; and create superior values for our customers, employees, and stakeholders for their joint prosperity and growth thereby contributing to the uplifting of the country’s economy in general.