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Welcome to Neptune construction and trading plc

NEPTUNE CONSTRUCTION AND TRADING PLC is a firm operating in a variety of business sectors. Our company’s business types include construction material importers and suppliers, real estate development and consulting services, industry park development, and consultant services.

We provide general construction materials, steel, ega sheet Decra Roofing sheet, and related material, sanitary material, and boiling material to users like retailers, contractors, real estate, and other governmental and non-governmental organizations depending on their demand and purchase orders permanently or for one-time delivery. We also provide security and cleaning services.

We are knowledgeable enough about the country’s factories, importers, and market conditions.

We anticipate that the planned firm will bring us a profit and provide financial inflows that will enable us to pay off our debts by the deadline.

In this business, numerous people or nations can open up various employment opportunities at various firms, such as those in the construction industry, the import and supply of construction materials, the real estate and industrial park sectors, and the security and cleaning sectors. With all of these activities, we can greatly increase employment opportunities for our people.

Import and supplying construction material

Developing Real state and consultancy

Developing Industry park and consultancy

Building contractor

Providing security and cleaning services

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